Martial artists advance

The effort of 18 regional martial artists was rewarded just recently when Miller Brothers Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & Fitness in Sparta held a promo seminar. The gym s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) students congregated for the two-hour-long occasion on a June 21 and cheered for the students whose efforts in recent months had actually made them new stripes or, in the case of two students, brand-new belt ranks.

The night started with an hour of drilling and guideline from Miller Brothers MMA s head BJJ Professor Sean Shorty Rock Santella, who was assisted by guest direction from Sparta s own UFC stars Dan and Jim Miller. The students then got time to delight in some full-speed coming to grips with colleagues prior to the promos started. The brand-new ranks made by the 18 students receiving promos represent months of practice on the mats, and everybody in participation ensured that each student was welcomed with a hearty round of applause when the student was called forward to receive a new rank.

The night was topped off by a unique treat to commemorate coach Moe Johnson, who assists to teach the children in the gym s Little Spartans youth martial arts program. Johnson got his brown belt, the rank right away listed below black belt, and as is standard for greater belt promotions participated in an onslaught grappling one round each with every purple belt, brown belt and black belt in participation. Johnson grappled with three fellow students followed by five members of the Miller Brothers MMA coaching staff, grappling for almost 30-minutes. By the end Johnson was very worn out, but extremely pleased to have made his brown belt in design.

The promoted students now look forward to an approaching BJJ tournament the team will be participating in this August in Wildwood, NJ, where they can put their new-and-improved skills to the test against students from other gyms.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling martial art, similar to battling with the addition of submission relocations, and the elimination of triumph by pinning. Due to its use of controls and gets away on the ground, BJJ is likewise a reliable kind of self-defense.

The promoted students were: Jacob Janosko and Kyle O'Sullivan, White Belt First Stripe; John Morgan, Josh Wagner, Jon Finocchiaro, Mike Kozlowsky, and Zach Briggs, White Belt Second Stripe; Christie Frazier and Tom Kelly, White Belt Third Stripe; Mike Amada, White Belt Fourth Stripe;

Alex Thebold, promoted to Yellow Belt; Brooke Fahey, Orange Belt First Stripe; Tyler Bayer and Ken Powell, Blue Belt First Stripe; Frank Wallace, Blue Belt Third Stripe; Moe Johnson, promoted to Brown Belt; Abdel Escalante, Brown Belt First Stripe; Mike Pagano, Brown Belt Second Stripe

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